1. Fill out your profile & upload a pic
  2. Check out guys nearby or around the globe
  3. Search guys by city, address, or business
  4. Tap a thumbnail to view profile details
  5. Would you meet? Tap to see if you're a match!
  6. Woof at guys you like
  7. Double-tap thumbnails on iOS for the full-sized pic
  8. Double-tap thumbnails on iOS; long-click on Android to jump directly to chat
  9. Check-in to your favorite locations
Green ball = Online within the hour
Orange ball = Online 1-24 hours ago
Blue ball = Featured member
Red ball = Unread message
Blue border = Unread message (iOS only)
Reload the profile grid
Check-in to your favorite locations
See who's Viewed or Woof'd you
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